You could opt out by March 13

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The adjustment resolves a accusation over whether Trion abandoned California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act, False Advertising Law, and Unfair Competition law, or fabricated behindhand misrepresentations if it bootless to board a 10% abatement on ArcheAge Marketplace purchases to U.S. players who bought angel cachet afore the game’s U.S. barrage and if it awash accumulation crates in the ArcheAge Marketplace that gave U.S. players a adventitious to ArcheAge Gold win basal items of capricious value.”

You can abide a affirmation and grab some of this money by appointment a affirmation online or via mail afore March 13. Accomplishing so agency you cost rights to sue Trion alone or for agnate claims. You could alternatively do nothing, in which case you aswell cost those rights.

You could opt out by March 13, accept no benefits, and accumulate your rights to sue. You could aswell commodity to the adjustment by March 13 in which case you break in the settlement, and will accept to book a accounting argument to the adjustment with the court. Finally, you could appear the final approval audition on April 17 at 3p.