Jagex Should Enable You to Horde Your Keys

You would obviously still need to log in to find the keys that are daily, wouldnt add up in the background.


You would obviously still need to log in to find the keys that are daily, wouldnt add up in the background. I am the motives or well aware. I said them explicitly. But it's not like it'd ruin the value of purchasing keys. This will be faster. However, theyve been wanting to make modifications to make their mtx strategy more consumer friendly and theyve talked about creating these items more"earnable" through RuneScape Gold  . (Or so they say) I think this would be a nice step in the right direction along with a sensible compromise. Of course I understand it is the way it is. Not the purpose.

The reason jagex doesnt allow this, is to create a scenario where you feel pressured to act now as that is the only option to genuinely make the most of a 35, and buy keys. Being in a position to horde keys for promotions someone actually wants to get involved in, mtx feels like something you have more control over and that you can"make" with daily challenges and just being clever eith your daily keys. Instead of feeling forced to interact with the system daily.

It would induce jagex to be careful when balancing those promotions as more people would have the ability to use a bunch of keys. I dont think its fair to mention this would be unbalanced as a reason to not apply this since they dont seem to care st about balance if this is being paid for by somebody. While purchasing it's balanced and fine is absurd earning it through persistence and patience isn't good. And when it was unbalanced, itd be jagex suppressed error by making the promos so unbalanced to start with.


Can they also remove the cap while we are at it of having 10 got keys? Those are keys from daily challenges, Troll Invasion, skilling, etc.. The keys that are everyday are not there to give you keys at no cost, they're there to control you into spending money on purchasing keys.

Many OSRS players who talk shit around RS3 have logged on and immediately without providing any chance, logged off, or haven't played it because 2012. But the level of inconsistency, especially in the graphics irks me. It doesn't feel as a polished game in the slightest.But you'd need to understand how much work that will require having an on game. Wow experiences exactly the identical thing and blizzard has way more money. Yes there are some areas of runescape that is out dated but they have made attempts to revamp many locations. Honestly as more and more player request it. Hopefully they'll allocate resources to something or the ninja team. rsgoldfast.com will update more information every day, you can getting more tips or you can Buy Runescape Gold from us with cheap price.