Hope and Greed

An old aged woman who desired for Greed in her last minute

A young man desired that anyone who has seen the Holy Prophet (SAW) in his lifetime be brought before him .

After sometime,a very old woman was brought before him. He asked the old woman, "did you see the prophet yourself?" She said, "yes sir". He then asked her if she remembered any narration from him.

 she said, " yes " and continued, "When old age comes, two things becomes young, one is Hope and the other is Greed"

  The man thanked her and gave her One hundred thousands. The woman thanked him and was taken back. Half the way ,some thought came through her mind, she wanted more. The old woman was brought back to the young man and she said, "I just came to ask if the money you gave me is just once or will I need to come bk"  The young man thought, "How true is the prophet word, this old woman has hope for life and also greed for money" He replied her, "Don't wory ma, you will be paid every year"

   The old woman was taken back home but on their way, she breathed her last.

   For hope for life and Greediness is forever younger than the desirer