Africa, My Africa!

A poem about Africa, Africans and our future. Enjoyable read GUARANTEED!



From the streets in the cities

To the trees in the bushes

Africa is so sweet


Talk of the best thing

That ever happened to me

Africa is just it


Look at the food and our colour

Black is for the one’s nature has honoured

Africa is well lit


You see the poverty and death

We see the virginity of our wealth

Africa is so rich


How come you didn't see the tenacity of our youths

Amidst the lies and acidity of our political brutes

Africa is too solid


We cannot forget about the lives lost, the fighting’s

And the lies that they're all in God's course is annoying

Africa is sleeping


She's the pregnant virgin, exploitations unending

Especially with the western origin, delivery will remain uncertain

Africa has miscarried


The resources and her managers

Disunity is a major danger

Africa is suffocating


From our lost dress sense to our lost cultures

Even in our lost accent, the truth is so sure

Africa is lying to herself


From her children in the nooks of foreign lands

To her parents in the crannies of barren sands

Africa is calling, come home


The solution is in our youths

Still being Cultured with foreign roots

Africa is in trouble!


So, when the call comes to you

Come back to your roots

Africa needs you!