When you feel like getting away. these are the best 8 places to go

Often times you feel the need to get away from the hustle, bustle of the fast-paced urban life and technology. How best to do that than to do so somewhere where you can check in and then totally check out. Are you hungry to travel to a place that’s very remote and way spectacular, these off the grid destinations are just what you need. You may fancy a bubble tent in Australia, a hideaway in Bali, or a cabin in the middle of the British Columbia wilderness. Whatever your preference is, the experts at The Venue Report share 8 places that will give you major wanderlust – i'm certain you’ve never seen anything like them before! If you ever get to visit one of them, you’ll enjoy quality time with nature, a good book, and your travel buddy. Don't travel with work! That will spoil the experience. Cheers!


1. Cabanas Cuatros Cuatros, Baja California, Mexico

Photo via Nathan Mueller

Photo via Nathan Mueller


2. Hideout Bali, Indonesia

Photo via  Sasha Juliard

Photo via Sasha Juliard


3. Nimmo Bay Wilderness Retreat, Port McNeill, British Columbia, Canada

Photo via Dylan Furst

Photo via Dylan Furst


4. Singita Mara River Tented Camp, Tanzania

Photo via Singita


5. Harriniva, Finland

Photo via Jeremy Janin


6. Desert Luxury Camp, Morocco

Photo via Desert Luxury Camp



7. Off Grid Hideaways, Comporta, Portugal

Photo via Off Grid Hideaways


8. BubbleTent Australia, outside Sydney, Australia

Photo via Natalie Sum