Kraft Packaging: how to use Kraft Paper?

Kraft Packaging: how to use kraft paper?

Kraft paper is one of the most popular and used papers for its strength and durability. Kraft paper can be recognized by its brown color, which shows that it is an organic paper that has not been treated. It exists in white or in color, it can be used for gift wrapping and even for artistic creations and hobbies and in the art of decoration.

Kraft paper is used for industrial purposes, as it is ideal for packaging products that are a little heavy, it is also the perfect paper for removals, since it can fill all spaces empty in cartons and parcels.

Kraft paper exists in various forms, usually in the form of very large rolls as it is also used in industrial packaging and as a durable packaging as you can find it in widths.

Why choose kraft paper?
Kraft paper is known for its incredible strength hence the name kraft which means strength in German. This paper was made from wood chips forming a special paste. These chips are produced by treating trees such as spruce, fir, and other broadleaved trees such as birch or maple that give the paper that brown color. Sometimes the mixture of different pasta produced by the wood of various types of trees makes it possible to obtain a very strong paper, difficult to tear.

The strength of kraft paper allows you to use it in the packaging of heavy and sensitive products . Its strength provides better protection against bursts and tears.

The brown color of the paper hides the contents of your product whether for your gifts or an object that you want to protect from prying eyes.

The kraft paper is processed in a way to be recycled. The forests from which kraft paper is extracted are managed in such a way that the paper made from these trees is sustainable. To encourage ecological actions, it is preferable to use unbleached kraft paper, since bleached paper is often manufactured using solvents that are very harmful to the environment and non-ecological.

What are the different uses of kraft paper?
The old kraft paper was in the form of rolls of several meters. Its use depends on the needs of the person, he can cut the paper into pieces corresponding to the size he wants. These pieces of paper can be used to fill gaps in cartons or packages.

Kraft paper can be used to surround bubble wrap. By combining kraft paper and bubble wrap helps ensure better shock protection for your fragile items.

Why use a kraft bag?
In recent years, plastic bags have tended to lose their monopoly since the government wants to focus on recyclable and beneficial solutions for the planet. It is therefore not surprising that the kraft bag is at the top of the list as it is relatively practical.

You have a bag in kraft, the handles are not present, but this container is interesting for fruits, vegetables and bread.
The kraft bag is perfect for transport, but also food storage because it offers good conservation.
Companies also use this bag to improve their visibility since it is customizable.
You can put your logo, but also a slogan or ephemeral message for a promotion.
The kraft bag adapts to the will of companies, but also individuals. You can find them in all shops including grocery stores, lingerie stores or fast food. Indeed, it is quite possible to transport a sandwich or a hamburger with such a container.

What are the advantages of kraft paper?
This material is therefore perfect as food packaging and some strengths are to know.

This material is very resistant and it is also valid for the handles which are sometimes twisted so that the robustness is superior.
The cost for professionals is limited, so it is possible to order a large number of copies.
These containers have the particularity to be biodegradable, it can decompose naturally and quickly, which is not the case of plastic.
You do not have a chemical treatment for it to be whitened.
As we have said, it is possible to customize it to excess.
It is an ecological bag that respects the law put in place by the French government concerning the restriction of plastic containers.

Depending on the bags, you can carry light items such as clothes, but also heavier products such as food. Regarding the design, it is simple since it is enough to adopt a machine to obtain a large number. Some bags are designed manually, the price is a little higher, but they are reserved for the luxury market.

You now know that these are robust bags that will accompany you during your shopping or your communication strategy whether you are at the head of a grocery store, a ready-to-wear shop ..