What watch does President Vladimir Putin Wear?

What watch does President Vladimir Putin Wear?

Wrist Watch - This is not a simple accessory, but a distinctive sign that demonstrates the status, an important element of style and the last point in creating an image that supports the image. And also it’s your favorite watch that can tell a lot about its owner. Another question that worries fans - how much is needed to maintain a lifestyle like that of the Russian president? And how much are the watches of Vladimir Putin?

It is no secret to anyone that a watch is a very important accessory, especially in the image of a man. The choice of watches and their appearance can tell a lot about the owner. So, a stylish man and a high-ranking official Putin prefers to wear watches of expensive, elite brands. Such a choice indicates the owner’s good taste, emphasizes his status and demonstrates his income level, as the cost of some models of the president’s watches exceeds thousands of dollars. Vladimir Vladimirovich prefers the best and cheapest creations of watchmakers for his use. This choice characterizes him as a person of principle, elegance and pedantic. In his personal collection, world-famous manufacturers' models found their place.

Are Putin's watches official or sports?
It was also noted that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s preference would sooner be given to watches matching his style of clothing, corresponding to the official one, which he is obliged to work and frequent diplomatic meetings. But also his watch should be suitable for people leading an active lifestyle. That's why Putin’s watch collection is not limited to official-style watches.

The practicality of the watches he wears is not unimportant for the president. For example, the fashion accessories seen on his hand, which have a leather-like strap, actually had high-quality rubber straps. The same goes for his watch’s ability to withstand moisture. Putin’s favorite watch allows him, if desired, to descend to the maximum depth possible for a person. Many are also interested in the question: “On which hand does Vladimir Putin wear a watch?” Classic and not only, official or not, but Putin’s wristwatch always appears on his right wrists, in photographs, in interviews and in the news. Choosing the right brand and model for President Putin’s watch is a ritual that takes a lot of time. The personal collection of watches of the head of the whole country suggests that he should be able to choose the right accessory for any suit and occasion.

Vladimir and his interesting habits
But what kind of watch appears on the wrist of the head of state more often than others? Which Putin’s favorite watches are his most successful? The first place is occupied by watches with crocodile leather straps and sapphire crystal. Truly, an expensive accessory is valued at $ 500,000. Second place in terms of cost and frequency of appearance in the photo among Putin’s watches is a brand worth $ 60,000. This watch model in the collection of the head of state is made of noble white gold. Vladimir Vladimirovich’s own explanation of his addiction to expensive and practical watches of well-known world brands by the fact that his image of a “simple guy” should not interfere with the demonstration of his status as head of state.

Putin also gives an equally interesting explanation to his habit of wearing a watch on his right wrist, although it is more convenient on his left. He says, that the only way the crown does not rub your wrist. But the president also has one more favorite habit - he can give his watch to a worker or a child, or even just remove it from his wrist and leave it at the construction site so that it will be successful, as if the construction site received approval from Vladimir Putin’s watch and cannot be stopped or frozen.