Top Secrets of Successful Marketing

Secrets of Successful Marketing - How to Lead a Brand into Leaders

Successful marketing is a long-term game and the ability to calculate one’s actions ahead. However, you can bring the brand to the leader with the help of simple and obvious tricks (which, by the way, are used by the largest world companies). They are available to absolutely all marketers and business owners.

1. Impress
Customers will think about your unique benefits, discounts and promotions later. First, they will appreciate your “appearance”.

It is believed that the decision to purchase is subconsciously made in the first 30 seconds. Obviously, this is based on a first impression. That is why it is so important that it be positive. It is always necessary to make a good impression on customers. Wherever you meet them: on the Internet, exhibition halls, business meetings or for informal communication. Take care of the “wrapper” and you will immediately see the result.

The first impression creates a lot of moments, each of which can be discussed for a long time. In short, this is:


Quality logo visualizing the brand.
A convenient site that reflects the essence of your company.

Beautiful pages in social networks (professional photos, competently filled “heading” of the profile ”, the absence of gross errors in the text).

Professional video advertising (a video will say more than a thousand words about you. And it is better if these words are in your favor.)


The faces of the brand (the head and employees of the company, the people who “protect” and promote your brand, and even the customers who praise you - they all affect the impression made by your company.)

2.  Become an authority in your field
An authoritative specialist is much easier to sell their goods and services. It is obvious. Brands also become reputable, and we are willing to overpay "for the name", because we believe that professionals work in a serious company ... Build trust and be in the eyes of customers:


3.Become recognizable
Standing out among competitors is especially important if you work in a highly competitive niche. In this case, it is necessary not only to create high-quality USP and formulate a key "message" that defines the essence of your brand, but also carefully consider some other points of "recognition":

Form a slogan and use it constantly

Print your company logo everywhere

Make the most of brand colors (branded colors will let you know from afar)

4. Always stay in sight
Remembering your customers, communicating with them and reminding yourself regularly is not an obsession. These are the rules of marketing. Just like a loyalty system. After all, everyone understands what this is about, right?

5. Know your target market
Good knowledge of your target audience is the foundation of the basics. What are her interests, values, goals in life, fears, objections, desires, pains - all this is important to understand very well. Even if you think this is not relevant to your product ....


6. Promote your achievements
Modesty in business is not the most useful feature. Tell us about your achievements, innovations, unique offers, training and development ...


7. Do charity work
A growing number of consumers in Russia are beginning to pay attention to the social activities of the brand. A reputation for being good and generous is as important to a brand as it is to a person. Rockefeller already knew this (read about it in the article " How to control consciousness . " )


8. Continue to study
You can add to all that has been said: become irreplaceable, offer quality goods, make the best service, make a discovery ... Then you will definitely become the best. But we all understand that business in most cases is a constant job, it is a routine interspersed with stress, it is an attempt to stand out from the mass of people like you ... And here we flip a page up and start reading this article again