Timi Dakolo drags pastor of COZA on social media. CHURCH of God is accused again??

Religion has produced more vices than any other thing in Nigeria, is it because people worship the pastor more than they worship God? Think about it!!

Founder of Commonwealth of Zion assembly (COZA), Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo has been called out by multi award winning soul singer Timi Dakolo on social media yesterday.

Timi has accused the pastor in a tweet, saying:

"Commonwealth kor, Zion ni, Church is supposed to fix broken people and not crush people who shows up in church needing God"

Timi Dakolo also went further to say: 

"Your pastor commits fornication, you people call it, pastor fell from grace but when the congregants do it, you crucify them and brand them fornicators".

These revelations by Timi Dakolo yesterday has further sparked controversies on social media, Some have shunned the singer for accusing their pastor wrongly meanwhile many others have joined the bandwagon to throw more shades at the pastor. Some even went as far as saying: 

"The pastor dresses like a yahoo boy"

"when you see a pastor that dresses so fancy like Pastor Abiodun of COZA, it is obvious he is trying to attract young ladies"

If a pastor dresses fancy is it really a against the teaching of the Bible and Christianity? 

Why do people worship their pastors and obey all his instructions even when it could be contrary to the teachings of the bible?


Writer: Jayfred Ugochukwu Nwankwo