Who will sit on Europe's Iron Throne?

Saturday night the whole world comes to a halt, to watch the Epic Battle unfolds.

Aladdin stopped being our favorite cartoon and started becoming our favorite movie.

Deontay Wilders keeps sending a message to Anthony Joshua with every punch he lands.

Naira Marley has faced more count charges than Arsenal European cabinet.

But none of these things matters because the UEFA Champions has reached its final episode. The GRAND FINALE!!!.

Cristiano Jon Snow

The people's king, favored by many to conquer the Iron throne in Europe and rule once again, like he did in the North(Madrid) however their expectation he killed, like Dany. For that, he will be sentenced to becoming the Local King of the wastelands in Italy. 


Lionel Arya


She killed the knight king in Manchester, took the wheels from "Ole" rode it to camp not but ended up running in circles at Anfield, 'The Red Keep'. Who cares? Copa America was in westeros and the white horse of retirement came to carry Messi out of his mess.

Who will become Bran the broken, Ruler of the 7 kingdoms?

Just like Bran Stark Can't father a Child, Pochettino and Klopp can't father an European Cup.

Both teams have tried over the years to topple the reign of the Lannisters in Manchester and London but whenever they get to the top, A Jamie Lannister awaits to shove them off.

Both Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur lost their footings in the first leg to Barcelona and Ajax respectively.

Paralyzed and Broken, they Played the second leg without their key man Mohammed Salah and Harry Kane, still, they managed to come out victorious.

Honestly both teams deserve to be Bran, the Broken, Ruler of the 7 kingdoms, whoever needs it the most will win it.

In the game of thrones there are no UNDER-DOGS, every one is a Dragon however the stronger dragon in the Crest of both teams would win!!