For so long you've been told and made to believe that life is not a bed of roses when indeed Life is a Bed of Roses. Let's Break that Jinx

From time immemorial we've been made to say, agree and believe that life is not a bed of Roses. But that is not factual or truth; it is one of the greatest myths/deceptions of the modern World. Let's walk through this and reveal the truth.

What is a Rose? A Rose is flowering Plant of different colours and species. But the Red Rose is the most popular for its brilliant colour.

So, what's the Rose flower's connection with life and the Popular and misconceived saying, ' Life is not a Bed of Roses'.

Life is not a Bed of Roses is a phrase [usually in negatives] used for saying that something is not always good or easy. For example, the journey of life is no bed of roses. But this is in fact a false idea; Life Indeed is a Bed of Roses. Why?

Let's go to the birth of a Rose Flower. The Rose plant is a flower and is cultivated on a bed. A bed is a plot of ground in which plants are growing. The use of the function Word 'In' is to give a clear understand that the plot of ground is space specially designed and designated for growing flowers/plant separate from the general ground. There if the flowers growing on a bed are Roses, it’s called a Bed of Roses.

Before the Roses get to the flower shop; where all you see is its beauty, radiance and its rich, luxuriant feel and scent it went through a process. What many people don't know is that Rose flowers grow thorns too. And the farmer has to use His hands to harvest the Rose flowers from its bed. During Harvest these sharp, ugly thorns frequently prick the farmer, sometimes causing bleeding and scarring. The dedicated farmer clips the thorns from the rose's stalk, so you won't be hurt again by them when you purchase or receive them.


From the process stated above, we can identify that a Bed of Roses still has its many sharp, and ugly thorns. Only a bouquet of processed Roses ready for sale is devoid of thorns. 

Therefore, if A Bed of Roses is filled with thorns, how then can the statement about living, that describes the uncertainties of life, ' Life is not a Bed of Roses' be considered true or even factual. The Beautiful, enchanting and sweet-smelling Petals of the Rose flower while in the bed, represent the beauty, and the joy of living, they represent love, hope, success, and enduring faith. While the thorns on the stalk of the Rose flower beneath the facade of this beauty, represent the challenges of life. 

This Challenges we tend to deny. Some even call them problems. If you want to grow, if you desire success; embrace challenges, hunger for it and you will live your best life. 

Now you can confidently say, ' Life is a Bed of Roses'.