For every activity you earn financial rewards in Dollars. This is an exclusive community. With our features, user can wonder posts, photos, music and videos. And all activities come with great rewards.

This is much more than any social network; it’s a Nation characterized with enterprise, empowerment, all round development and charity. Her founder was troubled about the rate at which people; young and old, but especially young people used the internet and contribute heavily to the growth of social media and networking at the expense of their privacy and well-being but with little or no benefit at all. This trend has seen a decline in creativity and innovation. But with this platform the desired change has come. For every activity performed, an equal value will be received. This platform has evolved from just an idea to a what you see now to connect like-minded, forward thinking people, brands and businesses. And will constantly evolve for the benefit of Her citizens/members. And we will keep influencing the World around us and keep growing. Thebluenation app is an awesome way to keep in touch and have fun. But more than that, it is a place of transformation, a place of growth, and a place of excellence.